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NFTs in WEB3

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Rogue Bunnies
Celebrating a SOLD OUT GOLD GENESIS collection.
Augmented Reality (AR) #RogueMansion


Yes, I am now an NFT trait artist for a large project called the Rogue Bunnies. All thanks to my wife and friend Jody. LG!

I was referred by a friend from the HAUNT community. Jody B. has been in the Web3 space for over a year and fell into this project called at the time Gatefolds. They had to let go of an artist so he recommended me to the founder of the project, Victoria F. We still have a long road ahead of us on this project. 
We have 100 ladies for the trading cards that will drop in increments of 25 ladies.
Then we head on down the road to creating our next big reveal. Follow the Rogue Bunnies and if you need to learn more about Web3 and NFTs. Head over to NFTs Live, LLC. This is my wife's new IRL store. She will help you learn where to start in this "Wild West" space called Web3.
Trail in Woods

NFT Seattle

Information Coming Soon!



NFT3 AWARDS - Date Change Coming Soon.

Setting the stage for what a "conference" looks like in Web3. 

NFT3 brings you the first-ever NFT Music Festival along with a first-of-its-kind black tie/red carpet NFT Awards Gala, Exhibition, Fashion show, and NFT Art Gallery!

At the iconic Millennium Biltmore Hotel & Pershing Square in Los Angeles, CA

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