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Dutch Bihary is more than an artist/painter. He is a father, a friend, a educator and an inspiration to others.


Foam Sculpting
is my work.

zombie_boy2 - Copy_sq.jpg
-Concept art
-Wire cutter
-Freehand sculpting
-Industrial coatings
-Airbrushing painting
-Packing & shipping

is my passion.

Meet Dutch Bihary, renowned face and body artist and international instructor, Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Dutch has been active in art in one form or another ever since he can remember. From modest beginnings, Dutch had a turbulent childhood. Life was rough, fraught with freezing winters cut off from the closest town, running out of food before the thaw,  living in a converted chicken coupe with a 5 gallon bucket for a bathroom. Dutch escaped the sordid reality of Drug dealing and abuse by drawing and listening to music. He dreamed of one day becoming an art teacher but never could have guessed his life would lead to where he is today. He attributes his resilience to his trust in God, hard work, and the greater good of art in all of its wondrous forms, Dutch is a true self made man and is much stronger because of it.

Dutch is always eager to share his knowledge, techniques and experience in all sorts of art mediums. He also welcomes the challenge to create something amazing as per your request.


Dutch brings a broad and diverse breadth of knowledge to his teachings. With experience in tattoo art, comic book illustration, face and body art, fine art, special effects makeup, sculpting and prosthetic's, practical effects work for film, large-scale murals, 3D chromadepth attractions, infrared thermography and elite fitness training.

His film experience includes make up and effects in several music videos including "The Giving Tree" by the Plain White T's and several indie films including "Zombies of Mass Destruction".


Dutch is best known for his appearance as a contestant on the first season of Skin Wars, a competition elimination reality TV series, and its subsequent spin off series "Fresh Paint" where he was a returning celebrity mentor. 

Dutch has a reputation as a highly qualified and skilled teacher and is requested globally for his teachings at beauty colleges, art academies, and special effects schools where he enjoys sharing his knowledge with up and coming, curious like-minded artists, creators and innovators. ​

​He offers master classes and workshops, beginner boot camps, week-long seminars, long term specialized tuition based academy courses. He is also periodically available for one-on-one tutoring. 

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