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/flash-jewelry-temporary tattoos


Flash style tattoos are gold, silver, and black designs that looked like real jewelry.

/discount for 1 artist & 1 assistant

How many flash/temporary tattoos can an artist do per hour? Average is 30-40. All depends on the number of choices that are available to the client. The more options it can sometimes take them a bit longer to choose. Which would be less per hour.

Is it product safe? Yes, it is skin-safe and non-toxic.

What’s the best age group? All ages love flash tattoos. We have over 30 designs and we can help you with custom artwork for your themed event (extra fee).

How long will the tattoo last? Most tattoos will stay on for up to a week, longer on dryer skin. 

How do I care for my tattoo? Best is to not let anything touch it even clothing. No sunscreen or moisturizers as it may remove it.

How do I remove it? Rubbing alcohol or coconut oil and message the tattoo off.

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