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/glitter tattoos


We have 2 types: 1 we airbrush on then add a metallic shine or glue then sprinkle on glitter.

/discount on 2 artists for 2 hours

How many face paintings can an artist do per hour? This is a tough question as each artist has a different way of painting even if it is one that multiple artist can do. Here is a low average: very simple cheek-art designs 2-5 mins; detailed cheek-art 10 mins; simple half-face designs 5-10 mins; detailed half-face designs 15 mins; simple full-face designs 15 mins; detailed full-face designs 20-30 mins. So you see there are many factors to this question. 

Is it product safe? Yes, it is skin-safe, non-toxic and lead free.

What’s the best age group? All ages love face painting. We have gone as young as 2 years old. It all depends on the temperament of the child. Older adults love to get them too! For corporate events we can theme the designs.

How long will the face paint last? Washes off immediately with soap and water. 

How do I care for my face painting? Best is to not let anything touch it even clothing. No sunscreen or moisturizers as it will remove it.

How do I remove it? Best is to take and sudsy hand and massage the area until it looks muddy then rinse off with warm water.

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