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Mount Vernon, WA needs a skate park makeover!

--, --, 2023
-:-- pm PST

Upcoming Meetings
Check back for meeting
location and links.

"Contact us to learn more on how you can help our community build a safe skate park in Mount Vernon, WA."

We need help for the next gens fun & safety.

This is our skate park today. Run down & unsafe.

NFT Hub and Artists for Hire

General Hours:
If you are going to be in town, please call us at the number below. We don’t want to miss meeting with a fellow NFT enthusiast.  We don't have regular hours of operation as we are also professional face and body painters. We offer professional services on our other websites. and 

'We believe that interaction is key in the growth & strength of the Web3/NFT space."
We look forward to meeting you IRL.
Contact Us
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