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Available Service!

Take the additional steps to protect your actors on set, employees at work, and attendees during your upcoming gathering. The difference is in our equipment!

Onsite fever screening services for mass gatherings or locations requiring risk mitigation for the spread of transmissible diseases including COVID-19.


Add another layer of safety to your MASS GATHERING!

There is no date of when we will stop wearing masks so it is imperative to stay proactive and screen for fevers.

The top 3 symptoms of COVID-19 as per the CDC:




No one can account for asymptomatic carriers, but those individuals are not who we are focused on. They will enter a facility whether there is screening or not. We want to stop those that may be starting to show signs of symptoms.*

* We are not doctors and we do not diagnose. We have trained screening operators. We use highly sensitive & accurate, medical grade fever screening equipment with fully integrated software & a temperature reference source which will reveal a pass or fail.


  • We will screen 50 individuals or 50,000.

  • We have hourly, daily and on-going rates available.

  • We can quickly and accurately screening up to 2,400+/- people per hour.

  • We follow ISO/TR 13154:2017 and IEC 80601-2-59:2017 safety suggestions and guidelines. This can help you mitigate any issue that may arise due to your gathering.

  • We provide people barriers & signage to the screening site.

  • We suggest at least 1 hour set up prior to your event. A fee will be assessed if more setup lead time is necessary.

  • Our team leaders have gone through multiple COVID-19 related training courses. ​The World Health Organization, COVID-19 Supervisor Training, and others as they come available.

  • We are Certified Level II Infrared Thermographers with years of experience in infrared analysis.

  • We will schedule a time to go over the best point-of-entry for the screening.

  • Highly Recommended: Have a second screening area set up with qualified medical staff and clinical thermometers for those that don't pass the initial screening.

  • We do not provide the suggested secondary screening.

Businesses can purchase a temperature screening system and set it up to screen customers as they enter your premises. Only 3 components make up this highly accurate and sensitive fever screening system.


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