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Infrared Fever Screening for a Temporary Crowd Safety Solution

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Take steps to protect your actors on set, employees at work, and attendees during your upcoming gathering.

Add us to your RISK MANAGEMENT plans.

We are providing onsite fever screening services for public gatherings or locations requiring risk mitigation for the spread of transmissible viruses including COVID-19.

  • Whether you need 50 individuals screened or 5000.

  • Quickly and accurately screening between 2,000 - 2,400 people an hour.

  • Highly recommended that you have a second screening area with clinical thermometers for those that don't pass the initial screening.

  • Our team leader has gone through multiple training sessions.

    • OSHA 30 Safety Training Course. 

    • The Georgia Film COVID-19 Supervisor Training.​

    • Safe Sets COVID-19 Basic Training.


~Brecky Iulani Bihary

"Educating the public on infrared is just one step to slowing the spread of seasonal viruses and Coronavirus. In short, an infrared camera does not emit radiation but the opposite. The camera receives infrared radiated energy that is emitted by everything above absolute zero then the data is converted with special software into an image or thermograph.


Just as you use masks, hand washing, gloves, disinfecting work spaces and other safety protocols to protect individuals, infrared temperature screening, though it is not a cure, it is an effective added level of protection against the spread of contagious viruses for those planning to attend a gathering of any size.


We use only medical grade infrared systems with integrated software that are highly accurate and sensitive. We see it as saving lives. Call for a quote today"

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